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Find yourself at the northernmost corner of the earth


In a place that has eight seasons


At the edge of the cold Barents Sea


You are most welcome to us!


Nordkapp camping

In the middle of a nature experience


Welcome to exciting days at Nordkapp Camping in Skipsfjorden, only 24 km from Nordkapp - Europe's northernmost corner.

Here you live in the midst of the 71 ° north nature experience, whether you sleep in our cabins and rooms, in your tent, caravan or camper.
Nordkapp and Magerøya are full of exciting experiences for the whole family. Here you can experience midnight sun and northern lights, stand on Nordkapp to experience Europe's northernmost point, catch and taste king crabs and fish, experience the birdlife in Gjesværstappan or do the hiking to the absolute farthest north of Europe, Knivskjelodden.

Nordkapp Camping

In the middle of a nature experience

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Explore North Cape - both in midnight sun and northern lights

Between 14 April and 31 July we have midnight sun. In this period the sun is over the horizon all night. The northern lights appear on the sky as soon as the evenings darken, so already in September it is great conditions to experience a dancing Aurora Borealis on the evening sky.

Hiking to Knivskjelodden

By walking about 2,5 hours from the road to North Cape (E69) you reach the absolute northernmost point of Europe. You will be standing 1450 meters further north than North Cape mountain! The trail is 9 km each way. As a reminder that you really have been at the northernmost point of Europe, you can buy a diploma for NOK 50,- at Nordkapp Camping.

Everyday life in our fishing villages

On the way to Nordkapp you should stumble into the fishing villages in Magerøya; Kamøyvær, Gjesvær and Skarsvåg. Here life is about fishing!


King crab - both catch and on the menu

Indulge in the taste of freshly caught king crab. Here you can join the sea to catch it or take a great meal.


Birdlife on Gjesværstappan

Each spring, the bird's mountain wakes up from the winter shelter when millions of nesting seabirds come in from the ocean. A powerful natural experience.


Café theater in Honningsvåg

Wondering what it's like to live in Nordkapp? Want to know more about our story? Local young talents convey through humor, singing and dancing our strong story.

Honningsvåg church

Only our church survived World War II, so it means extra for us. It was home to us the first time after peace in spring 1945. The church is open for visits.


Have a swim in the Barents Sea

On the way from Honningsvåg towards Nordkapp (E69) you will reach Østerelva with a beautiful little sandy beach. Feel free to take an Arctic bath!


Know the silence

With us it is quiet. The wind, the birds and the sea dominate the sound image. Take time to rest your body in the heather, and your eyes towards an infinite horizon. Relax and feel how new energy from the north flows towards you.


The journey to Nordkapp Camping

Nordkapp Camping is located in Skipsfjorden on Magerøya in Nordkapp municipality. We are 8 km outside Honningsvåg in the direction of Nordkapp.

From us it is 24 km to Nordkapp. You can travel here both on the road, by plane and by Hurtigruten.

Our address: Skipsfjord 20, 9750 Honningsvåg. Our GPS position: 71 01 629 N / 25 53 335 E


reindeers on the road Nordkapp_640x320

Along the road

The distances between us are great, but fortunately the roads are good. In some places, the road can be narrow, and in the summer you may find that reindeer blocks the road. When you drive to us, you pass the subsea car tunnel Nordkapptunellen. The tunnel goes under Magerøysundet between the mainland and Magerøya. It is 6,875 meters long and runs down to 212 meters below sea level. The tunnel was opened in 1999. The largest increase in the tunnel is 10%. It is free to drive through the tunnel.

The tunnel has cold debris at each end that keeps the cold out in winter, to avoid ice formation in the rock walls. These ports open automatically when a car is approaching. In the summer the ports are always open. In total there are four tunnels to pass from Olderfjorden to Nordkapp Camping. During the winter, columns can be set up if large amounts of snow create problems for driving. Road information at www.175.no



By bus

There are daily bus departures between Honningsvåg and other places in Finnmark. http://www.snelandia.no/

Every summer there is a direct bus from Finland to Nordkapp with a stop at Nordkapp Camping http://www.eskelisen.fi/en/timetables/

Marcus Gyllborg

Car rental and taxi

In Honningsvåg you can rent a car at Nordkapp Bilservice (http://en.nordkappbilservice.no/). With your own car you can easily move around both on Magerøya and in Finnmark.

Taxis are available throughout the year. Nordkapp Taxi: Tel. (+47) 78 47 22 34. E-Mail: taxi@nordkapptaxi.no




By plane

Our closest airport is Valan Airport Honningsvåg only 6 km from Nordkapp Camping. This is a short run airport operated by the airline www.wideroe.no

Direct flights to and from Oslo are operated by the airlines SAS and Norwegian from the following regional airports in Finnmark:

Banak Airport Lakselv (193 km to Nordkapp), Alta Airport (238 km to Nordkapp) and Kirkenes Airport (590 km to Nordkapp).

The nearest international airport is Ivalo Airport in Finland (421 km to Nordkapp), which represents a driving time of approx. 6 hours. If you arrive by plane to Ivalo, the bus company Eskelisen Lapin Linjat helps you directly to Nordkapp in the summer months.


By Hurtigruten

Hurtigruten calls for Honningsvåg every day. You arrive Honningsvåg from south every day at. 11.15, and departure for travel eastwards at 14.45. You arrive Honningsvåg from east every morning at. 05.30, and departure for travel southwards at. 05.45. The world's most beautiful sea voyage is available for you at www.hurtigruten.no

It is possible to go by car, motorcycles and bikes on Hurtigruten. From Honningsvåg harbor it is 8 km to Nordkapp Camping.