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Vulnerable sub artic nature.

Skipsfjorden is a treasure chamber with a lot of plants, birds and other types of nature. Please help us to take care of this area. Therefore we hope that you: - don't pick flowers, it takes a lot of years to grow big so far north - don't make stone cairns - follow the paths on the terrain, so you will not step on anything

photo: Ieva Laucina

Sami Siida.

On the other side of the road E69, you can visit the Lappish family Mattis Somby. Every year in May the family moves from Karasjok to Magerøya with the reindeer. They are on this island until September and after the summer they go back to the inner parts of Finnmark. They have built up a "Sami Siida", it is a traditional Lappish home based on traditional building techniques. Here you can buy original home made Lappish souvenirs.


Top track to Skipsfjords view.

Behind the hotel you can follow a track to Skipsfjord view. From this point you have an amazing view over the nearby area. The track is marked with red T's. You need less than 1 hour to get to the top.