North Cape

North Cape is Europe's northernmost point and a public outdoor area that is free for everyone to visit. In the summer of 2021, parking on the North Cape is also free.

If you want to visit Nordkapphallen (which is run by Scandic), admission costs NOK 310 per adult 

The opening hours at Nordkapphallen are 11 - 01.00 every day during the summer.

North Cape Club

The Royal North Cape Club.

At the moment you have been on the North Cape plateau, you are qualified to become a member of the exclusive Royal North Cape Club. The membership can only be bought personally at North Cape, or if you bring your evidence that you have been at North Cape the membership can be bought in the Touristinformation in Honningsvåg or by sending an e-mail to: . With this membership you have a fine souvenir from your visit, but the best part is: you have free entrance at the North Cape for the rest of your life! Welcome back! The price is NOK 175, - each membership. Here you can read about the first tourist to North Cape!

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Knivskjelodden (71°, 11', 08'') - The real northernmost point of Europe -

The track starts from the parking place at the E69, about 7 km. before the North Cape plateau. After a 2½ hour walk, following the marked track, you have reached Knivskjelodden. On this latitude the weather can change very fast. Wind and fog can come as an unpleasant surprise even on a sunny day. Therefore, always leave a message in your car saying where and when you have left for a walk. And as a reminder that you really have been at the northernmost point of Europe , you can buy a diploma a pin NOK 35, - at Nordkapp Camping. The income goes to the local tour fund and they maintain and take care of the marked tracks her on Magerøya. Enjoy your walk!

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Bird safari from Gjesvær.

Treat yourself and experience the unforgettable busy birdlife on the bird mountain Gjesværstappan. The tour leaves from Gjesvær and goes to the nature reserve islands about 15 km. to the west of the North Cape cliff. It is not permitted to land, but from the boat you can see Finnmarks largest group of Puffins close by. You will also see plenty of Guillemots, Sea-eagles, Razorbills, Kittiwakes and Gannets. Afterwards to boat moves on to the fishing grounds.

Daily departures are with the 65-foot vessel"Havsula" from Gjesvær tourist centre.



The Gallery - East of the sun -

In the centre of the fishing village of Kamøyvær , you will find this small and cosy gallery. Here you will find art, handcrafts and books from this area. Eva Schmutterer, the owner, works as an artist and writer here and she likes to show the exhibition and her working place personally.


North Cape Christmas and - winter house

In Skarsvåg, which also is the northernmost fishing village in the world, you can visit the Christmas house .Here you can come into the north Norwegian Christmas spirit in a homely atmosphere all year round. They have a large selection of handmade gifts and Christmas items. In addition they will show you Norwegian Christmas traditions while you enjoy a cup of coffee with cake. Heidi, the owner, likes to sit down with you for a chat.

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Our Northernmost Life

Where the world ends... There starts our life!

"Our Northern Most Life" provides a lively and entertaining insight into the everyday life of the North Cape. You will experience everything! The nature, the people, the culture, and also the richness of the fisheries, the history, the Sami people, tourism, and of course the weather! All portrayed through song, dance and storytelling, filled with humor and entertainment.

The performance is in Perleporten, once a Christian meeting house, today a restored and vibrant cultural venue right in the center of Honningsvåg.

The café is open and serves homemade cakes and the best waffles in town. Access to terrace with stunning views of the inner harbor.

Script / music: Øystein Skårset
Director: Øystein Skårset / Mikkel Gaup

Duration: 40 min.
The show is performed in English.

Location: In the center of Honningsvag - Storgata 19.

Entrance 200,-